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Our Bikes

We stock a range of of five different models, each bike is available in various colours and can be built to suit your needs and life style. Optional features are motors, hydraulic brakes, battery ratings, colours and other extras, this means you can create a bike truly unique for you. Please contact us for configurations and costs. We offer a deliver and build service where you can watch your bike being assembled.

Gorille Female - R.JPG
vtt athlete.JPG
Baby - M.JPG

Step through Cruiser

The Female Gorilla is eye catching and designed with attention to detail. It is comfortable to ride due to its perfect ergonomic set up. Available in a choice of colours with optional extras.

Cross bar Cruiser

The Male Gorilla is sturdy, built to last and as comfortable on tracks and trails as it is on roads. Available with a 250W or a 750W Bafang motor.

VTT Athlete

The newest model to the family is the VTT or MTB. The bike has been redesigned completely to create an off-road machine capable of tackling any sort of terrain.

Folding Fatty

The Baby Gorilla is the versatile member of the family. It is smaller in size but not in power and ability. Its folding frame means it can be transported in most family vehicle.

Cafe Racer

The Retro is a styled bike for road and trail use. It comes with many extras included and available in two colours, black or white.

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