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If you enjoy riding bikes you will enjoy life more riding a Gorille power assisted electric bikes!


Bikes for all the family

We understand the challenges of life today, our aim is to help you complete the journey no matter how tough it may become.

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We are genuinely proud to offer our stylish quality built bikes.  Each model is carefully designed at the Gorille workshop in France with comfort and ride pleasure in mind.

The model illustrated is the Cafe Racer Retro style in matt blanc, equipped with a 250W Bafang motor and Samsung Li-on 36V 720Wh battery (range up to 100km).


Our bikes are available in a variety of colours, some with different battery/power options and other upgrades making your bike quite unique.


The Cafe Racer is available with a Bafang 750W motor, energised by a Samsung Li-on 48V 840Wh battery, raising the power output to 110Nm. 


Customers are reminded of EAPC (electrically assisted pedal cycle) policy requirements within the UK, any bike we sell not within the specified EAPC criteria must only be used on public roads/cycle routes  if all conditions are complied with.


Prices for the Cafe Racer start at £3995

Crossbar or step through frame options

Our cruiser style fat tyre e-bikes offer a viable alternative means of travel, for journeys to meet friends for coffee, shopping, commuting to work or providing a taxi for the kids. Getting about made easy on your e-bike.  


With a choice of frame colours, tyre options and batteries to suit your lifestyle, not to mention a variety of accessories, there's a Gorille e-bike for everyone! 

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Start price for the Cruiser (crossbar or step-through model) is £3145 

The Cadet 

Designed by Gorille the Cadet is a mid-drive two seater e-bike.


With its Moza front suspension, fat tyres and hand-crafted seat its a comfortable ride.


Available with either the Bafang 250W or 500W motor.

second son cadet beach.png
Screenshot 2023-01-12 172231.png
Screenshot 2023-01-12 172107.png

From £4275


Folding fat bike

Our folding fat bike is perfect for riders with limited storage space, or who like to take their bike on road trips, days out or holiday. It folds very simply and fits neatly in the luggage compartment of a small car.

With its rear carrier rack, adjustable seat/bars and power to match its bigger family members, this model is a great option.


From £2995

Screenshot_20230605_085326_Chrome (2).jpg

Serious off-road adventures are powered by the Bafang M510 250W motor & 48V 720 Wh Samsung Li-on battery. Rockshox Bluto, Shimano SRAM 11 speed gear set are fitted as standard equipment.  

yours for £4895



The VTT is a serious tool for off road adventures. Available with either of the 250W or 500W Bafang motors packing serious power for hill climbs and for tackling any terrain.

from £4495

Every day is an adventure

e-bikes sales and distribution throughout UK

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UK approved dealer for Gorille Cycles

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Located on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales, call to arrange a test ride with us.

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