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New for 2023!!! Introducing the Cadet 

Designed by Gorille the Cadet is a mid-drive two seater e-bike.


With its Moza front suspension, fat tyres and hand-crafted seat its a comfortable ride.


Available with either the Bafang 250W or 500W motor.

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We're proud to offer our quality built power assisted electric bikes. They're designed with comfort and style in mind and available in a variety of colours. The bikes are assembled by us and can be delivered to your door.

The bikes are versatile and can be enjoyed for adventures, journeys with friends or trips to work. With costly fuel charges and road congestion, e-bikes are a serious alternative for reaching your destination.   

Every day is an adventure

E-bikes sales and distribution throughout UK

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E-bikes with attitude

Not just for fun

Our cruiser style fat tyre e-bikes offer a viable alternative means of travel, for journeys to meet friends for coffee, shopping, collecting the kids or commuting to work. Getting about made easy on your e-bike.  Ride and enjoy your journey today. 

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Serious about off roading

The VTT is a serious tool for off road adventures. Available with either of the 250W or 500W Bafang motors packing serious power for hill climbs and for tackling any terrain.

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Situated on the edge of the Yorkshire Dales

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