Gorille Cycles UK

Gorille Cycles UK are proud to offer our quality power assisted bikes for work or leisure. They are available in a variety of designs, colours and configurations. Versatile adaptations mean you can transport the kids and shopping with ease.

We recommend you view the YouTube clips to discover the range of bikes and to see them in action.  

For work or for leisure

E-bikes sales and distribution throughout UK. For more information about our bike range click on the Gorille logo.

E-bikes with attitude | Prices starting at just £1950

Not just for fun...

E-bikes offer an alternative means of transport for travel. Journeys to work, shopping or even for meeting friends for coffee, effortless on your e-bike. Beat the traffic, save money but most of all, help the UK to achieve environmental targets for a better future. 

Serious about off roading..?

The VTT is for serious off road adventure. It is available with either 250W or 1000W motors packing serious power for hill climbs and for tackling any terrain.

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Situated near Richmond, North Yorkshire

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